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Winter Harvest 500ml Btl

Item no. 004233
Winter Harvest (Belgian-Style Golden Ale aged in White Wine Barrels w/Stone Farms Merlot Grapes) 500ml Bottle 11.3% ABV AGED 27 MONTHS in Sonoma County Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay Barrels IBUs: 36 ABV: 11.3% Bottled: December 2014 Stone Brewer Matt Courtright came up with the recipe for this Belgian-style ale, designing it specifically to be aged in wine barrels. We did just that for over two years, during which native wild yeasts continued fermenting the beer. The result is an off-dry ale with pleasing levels of malt and tart fruit, especially tropical fruit flavors: guava from the Merlot grapes and pineapple from the Sauvignon Blanc barrels. Oak tannins contribute mellow non-hop bitterness while the Belgian yeast lends muted notes of clove and banana. Cellared properly, the dryness and complexity will increase over time. *No returns or refunds. **Shipping four bottles is roughly the same price as shipping one.

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